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Our Mission

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The world is a grey place. It's not just black-and-white; it is filled with nuance. It is filled with places, people, and things that may not be so easily categorized. It is filled with beauty, randomness, humor, and so much more. It is filled with snippets of daily life, war, nature under threat, displaced persons, and injustice to be witnessed and recorded. As black and white photographers, we endeavor to capture all of that, and more.

"I Love Black & White Photography" is designed to be a showcase where both up-and-coming and established photographers can share their work, and where those who are developing their personal vision can come to be inspired. It is a place for technical knowledge—both analog and digital—tools and techniques, and information about and for our fellow photographers and their latest projects.

Our goal is not dissimilar to that of Life magazine. As its publisher, Henry Luce, wrote in that legendsry magazine's first issue: "to see life; to see the world; to eyewitness great see things thousands of miles see and be amazed; to see and be see, and to show."

We love how the world looks in black & white. We think you will, to.

Mason Resnick
Editor/Publisher and Founder

Photo Courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / flickr Creative Commons